Board Approved Seminars

Seminar Approval Criteria for Continuing Education

(As of 01/20/2022)

The Board member assigned to review continuing education seminars may only accept those courses which:
  1. are sponsored by a state chiropractic association or a college or university whose Doctor of Chiropractic degree program is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).
  2. builds upon the basic courses required for the practice of chiropractic, which may include up to 3 hours of chiropractic philosophy but shall exclude practice building/management.
The Board may make exceptions if the Board feels the speaker’s credentials and/or program content are of such a nature as to warrant the approval or disapproval of the presentation.

The following continuing education courses are listed by sponsor.


2022January01/29-30/2022Life UniversityMarietta, GA2022-20 Life: "CCEP Mods 1-6"Approved
2022March03/05-06/2022Life UniversityMarietta, GA2022-20 Life: "CCEP Mods 1-6"Approved
2022April04/09-10/2022Life UniversityMarietta, GA2022-20 Life: "CCEP Mods 1-6"Approved
2022May05/14-15/2022Life UniversityMarietta, GA2022-20 Life: "CCEP Mods 1-6"Approved
2021August08/26-29/2021Florida Chiropractic AssociationOrlando, FL2021-04 FCA: "The National by FCA 2021"Approved (contains 19 hours documentation, 12 hours RM and 2 hours Ethics)
2021November11/06-07/2021Life UniversityJupiter, FL2021-12 Life: "The National Spinal Decompression Certificate Program"Approved
2021November11/13-14/2021Louisiana Chiropractic SocietyAlexandria, LA2021-01 LCS: "Practical Evaluation, Management & Risk Strategies in Chiropractic Care"Approved (contains , 1 hour "documentation" and 2 hours Ethics)
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