Practice Alerts 2022-01: (12/15/2022)

This is a statement issued by the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (formerly the “American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ABCO)): Any licensee who has questions regarding the DABCO credentials should contact the IANM at or call the office of IAMN at 844-532-2378.

Update on Statewide Mask Mandate

The Governor of the State of Louisiana has issued a statewide mask mandate which includes chiropractic offices. All employees, patients and physicians should be wearing a mask that adequately protects themselves and others. Please follow the CDC guidelines posted on their website in cases of exposure.

Update to Mission Statement

The Board adopted a comprehensive mission statement in December, 2000, which begins: “The mission of the board is to protect the public health, safety and welfare through the regulation of individuals licensed under the authority of the Board . . . The entire statement may be viewed on the Mission Statement page. The Board continues …

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The LA Department of Health issued “Healthcare Facility Notice/Order Number 2020-COVID 19- All-007”

The LA Department of Health issued “Healthcare Facility Notice/Order Number 2020-COVID 19- All-007”. In part, it states that all healthcare providers postpone all in-person healthcare services that can safely be postponed for 30 days. You are to use your best clinical judgment to make this determination. You shall consider the entire clinical picture when determining …

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COVID-19 Response: Updated 03/18/2020

To clarify our 03/16/2020 communication below, the Board is not mandating closures. In answer to the many questions about “telepractice” or “telemedicine”, the following apply: You may use electronic means to recommend, change, or address activities which do not require “direct patient contact” such as at home exercise, general hygiene, at home palliative care, nutrition, …

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COVID-19 Response: 03/16/2020

OF INTEREST……. In response to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) concerns, the LA Board is not directing any office closures at this time. Use your own discretion. You should follow all CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Federal, State, Regional and Local guidelines and advisories. “Telepractice”, such as recommending exercise, general hygiene, at-home palliative care or nutrition …

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LA Board of Chiropractic Examiners Meeting: 04/11/2019

The LA Board of Chiropractic Examiners, from its meeting of 04/11/2019, expressly retracts any prior statements or positions made relative to CBD oil that would conflict with the LA Board of Pharmacy’s “Revised Guidance Document re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil”.  Contained below are excerpts from the LA Board of Pharmacy’s “Revised Guidance Document issued 02/19/2019 re …

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Patient Referrals

It has come to the Board’s attention that there are companies attempting to provide chiropractors with “sales lead” information regarding new patients. This information is provided to the chiropractor for a fee. It is the Board’s opinion that this violates LSA R.S. 37: 1745 which prohibits chiropractors from paying for referrals. Any chiropractor using these …

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X-Ray Reports

CPT codes for plain film radiology require a signed report by the physician who reads them. This is considered part of the procedure. If the interpretation and report is performed by a physician other than the one who takes the films then a -26 modifier to the code should be used.

X-Ray Employee Credentials

Prior to hiring an employee as a chiropractic x-ray technician, it is strongly urged that each licensee check the potential employee’s credentials and verify with the employee as well as the Board that the person holds a valid and active x-ray proficiency certificate issued by the Board.

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