Address Change Requirements

The Board will be actively enforcing the “address change requirements” as contained in LA statutes and regulations. A complaint will be initiated on any licensee who does not file an address change with the Board office.

Claims Review

Claims Review work performed by out of state practitioners who are commenting on the appropriateness of care is deemed practicing chiropractic and therefore a LA chiropractic license is required.

Patient Referrals

It has come to the Board’s attention that there are companies attempting to provide chiropractors with “sales lead” information regarding new patients. This information is provided to the chiropractor for a fee. It is the Board’s opinion that this violates LSA R.S. 37: 1745 which prohibits chiropractors from paying for referrals. Any chiropractor using these …

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X-Ray Reports

CPT codes for plain film radiology require a signed report by the physician who reads them. This is considered part of the procedure. If the interpretation and report is performed by a physician other than the one who takes the films then a -26 modifier to the code should be used.

Delinquent License Renewal Fee & Possible Subsequent Fine

Any license renewal received (postmarked) after December 31st of each year shall be delinquent. The current delinquent fee shall be imposed and therefore due before the license will be renewed. The date the completed renewal is received at the Board office will be the date the license goes back into effect. Subsequently, the Board’s Complaint …

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X-Ray Employee Credentials

Prior to hiring an employee as a chiropractic x-ray technician, it is strongly urged that each licensee check the potential employee’s credentials and verify with the employee as well as the Board that the person holds a valid and active x-ray proficiency certificate issued by the Board.

Continuing Education Requirements Change For “Risk Management” CE

Effective from Board action of 10/22/2009, for the 2011 license renewal, you will be required to attend and present proof of attendance of at least 3 hours in “record keeping” or “documentation” for the 6 hours “risk management” CE requirements. The total 18 hours “continuing education” due for the 2011 license renewal must be: reviewed …

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Patient Solicitation

Effective May 20, 2009, the LA Board of Chiropractic Examiners published rules in the “Louisiana Register” as required by law relative to patient solicitation.  Particular attention should be paid to the following: §310. Accident and Disaster Solicitation A.  On the outside of each solicitation letter in 10-point bold type at the bottom left hand corner …

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Reciprocity license requirements

Effective 08/15/2007, reciprocity licensure requirements will change to: “…has maintained a license and has been in active practice in good standing in another jurisdiction for five consecutive years immediately prior to his application…”. (Act 44 of 2007 LA Legislature (HB 387)

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