LA Board of Chiropractic Examiners Meeting: 04/11/2019

The LA Board of Chiropractic Examiners, from its meeting of 04/11/2019, expressly retracts any prior statements or positions made relative to CBD oil that would conflict with the LA Board of Pharmacy’s “Revised Guidance Document re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil”.  Contained below are excerpts from the LA Board of Pharmacy’s “Revised Guidance Document issued 02/19/2019 re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil:

“The 2018 Farm Bill created federal recognition for hemp as an agricultural commodity and authorized its use in compliance with the provisions of that law.  That law also amended the federal controlled substances law to except the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in hemp from the listing of THC in Schedule 1 of the federal list of controlled substances.  The Pharmacy Board noted the recent federal legislation but also noted that the LA Legislature has not yet adopted state law to recognize hemp, nor has the state Legislature created an exemption for the THC founding hemp from the THC which appears in Schedule 1 of the state list of controlled substances.  Further, there is no differentiation in the source of CBD.” “….The sale of CBD oil by its licensees would constitute a violation of he state controlled substance law and place them at risk for criminal and/or administrative sanctions.”

“The Board continues to receive questions about cannabidiol (CBD) oil, derived from hemp or derived from marijuana.  Act 261 of the 2015 Legislature, which established the state medical marijuana program, made no exception for possession or sale of CBD oil in the definition of marijuana.  All marijuana products shall comply with the rules adopted for the state medical marijuana program; they must have a known source as well as known quantities of active ingredients.  Further, they may only be dispensed by marijuana pharmacies licensed by the LA Board of Pharmacy.  Since marijuana is listed in Schedule 1 of the state’s list of controlled substances, no one, including board licensees, may possess or sell CBS oil.  Violations of the LA Revised Statutes or the LA Administrative Code can subject a person to criminal and/or administrative action.”


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