Statutes and Rules

A current set of the Rules and Regulations concerning Chiropractic in Louisiana may be obtained as a loose-leaf manual from the Board for a fee.
1241. RS 37:2801Chiropractors
1242. RS 37:2802Board of chiropractic examiners
1243. RS 37:2803Organization of board; quorum; meetings; records; rules and regulations
1244. RS 37:2804Powers and duties of board
1245. RS 37:2805Requirement for license; penalty; qualifications; examinations; issuance of license
1246. RS 37:2806Interns; qualifications, requirements
1247. RS 37:2807Blank
1248. RS 37:2808Reciprocity license
1249. RS 37:2809Fees
1250. RS 37:2810Renewal of license; inactive status
1251. RS 37:2811Recordation of license
1252. RS 37:2812Statistical certification
1253. RS 37:2813Other annual license taxes not required
1254. RS 37:2814Waiver of renewals while in the military service
1255. RS 37:2815Display of license or certificates
1256. RS 37:2816Suspension or revocation of license; causes; hearing; advertisement; reinstatement
1257. RS 37:2817Special provisions; use of x-ray; retention of records
1258. RS 37:2818Exceptions and rights
1259. RS 37:2819Louisiana State Board of Chiropractic Examiners; chiropractic scholarships; creation
1260. RS 37:2820Scholarships; funding
1261. RS 37:2821Scholarships; amount, number
1262. RS 37:2822Eligibility for scholarship
1263. RS 37:2823Application consideration; evaluation; preference
1264. RS 37:2824Contract for scholarship; contingent
1265. RS 37:2825Return to practice
1266. RS 37:2826Failure to comply; remittance; death cancellation; disability
1267. RS 37:2827Repayment not required
1268. RS 37:2828Chiropractic assistants performing chiropractic x-ray functions; certification; requirements; penalties
1269. RS 37:2829Reciprocity certification
1270. RS 37:2830Certain persons employed as chiropractic assistants
1271. RS 37:2830.1Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1272. RS 37:2830.2Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1273. RS 37:2830.3Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1274. RS 37:2830.4Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1275. RS 37:2830.5Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1276. RS 37:2830.6Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.
1277. RS 37:2830.7Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 858, 2.

Title 46:XXVII, Professional and Occupational Standards: Chiropractors
Last amended October 2007, compiled October 2007

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